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A serene spot in the palace

a serene spot in the palace

While many rooms are being prepared for the return of the collection, peace seems to have returned to the chapel. The 17th-century palace has been closed since 2018 due to…

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Colorful interior

colorful interior

The seventeenth century has been a significant period for the Netherlands, both architecturally and economically. This is  reflected in the interior and the use of color in the palace. Pigments…

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Glass parterres on the Bassecour

glass parterres on the bassecour

The Underground Expansion is almost completely closed. The glass parterres on the Bassecour provide natural light in the Grand Foyer below. In the exhibition rooms light will be staged to…

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The Library

the library

In the palace, the library regains the original shape and layout. The wooden cabinets and floors have been fitted back into place with preciscion and craftsmanship. When reopened, the bookcases…

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Cut trees as parquet floor

cut trees as parquet floor

The wood of the felled historic oaks is given a second life in the palace. Woodworker Maarten Kien explains how the timber is processed into parquet flooring: 'each individual tree…

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