Paleis Het Loo is closed

Due to the Renewal & Renovation.

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Replacing wall coverings

replacing wall coverings

The centuries-old walls of Paleis Het Loo will be covered with beautiful fabrics and wallpapers. Company Oostendorp specialises in this craft and works within the palace with utmost care and…

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Floor restauration

floor restauration

The floor in the Marot library is carefully being sanded. The old high-gloss lacquer is removed after which the 17th-century character of the floor reappears.  

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Corps de Logis under management again

corps de logis under management again

A milestone in the Renewal & Renovation proces! The Corps de Logis of the palace (the middle part) has been ‘handed over’ to Paleis Het Loo by contractor Koninklijke Woudenberg.…

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A serene spot in the palace

a serene spot in the palace

While many rooms are being prepared for the return of the collection, peace seems to have returned to the chapel. The 17th-century palace has been closed since 2018 due to…

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Colorful interior

colorful interior

The seventeenth century has been a significant period for the Netherlands, both architecturally and economically. This is  reflected in the interior and the use of color in the palace. Pigments…

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