Royal Horsepower

Closed due to Coronavirus

The stables and palace gardens are closed until further notice. The palace is closed until 2021 due to renovation.

13 June - 14 June

The Royal Stables Department offers you the unique opportunity to see the royal horses, cars and carriages from up close. The event entitled ‘Royal Horsepower’ takes place on the Stables Square.

To see

Various carriages, including the Gala Landauer, with four horses, the Gala Berline, with two horses, and a Brik with no fewer than eight horses will make several trips a day over the Stallenplein. In addition, the Duc or ‘Self-driver’ and a Hunting rig restored in house by the Royal Stables Department will also join in.

The care of the royal horses and the hitching to the carriages will take place on the hitching yard. In addition, various royal oldtimers will be on show, such as the Minerva from 1927 belonging to Prince Hendrik, the Mercedes 300 Cabriolet and Cadillac of Queen Wilhelmina and the Austin Sheerline used by Queen Juliana.
The Royal Stables Department in The Hague is responsible for the transport of the members of the Royal Household.