a roof with a view!

Closed due to Coronavirus

The stables and palace gardens will reopen from 1 June. The safety of visitors and employees is paramount. From May 22 it is possible to buy tickets in our ticketshop (Dutch website only). The palace is closed until 2021 due to renovation.

1 June - 30 September

Come and take a look at the gardens and the building site!

Heat plan

The roof is not accessible at temperatures above 35 degrees.

Paleis lift dak

Rooftop view

The palace roof is accessible to our visitors. Via an elevator at the left side of the palace you can enter the roof and take a look at old and new! Looking towards the front of the palace you will have a good view of the building site. On the other side you will find the Baroque Dutch garden; a six hectares area enclosed by the Palace park.

tuin vanaf dak paleis mei 2015_IMGP2634
Koningstuin dak
lift 20m paleisdak


Due to differences in level on the roof, the Palace viewpoint is not accessible to users of wheelchairs, rollators, strollers or mobility scooters. For safety reasons, the Palace viewpoint can be closed in extreme weather. We apologize for the inconvenience.

See & do

BuitenGewoon Bloeiend_ tuin_Zomer_Paleis Het Loo2_LR

Palace Gardens

1 June - 30 September

Just like the opening hours, the planting of the gardens is 'not as usual'.
header – Stallen en Koetshuizen _ Paleis Het Loo

Stables & Coach houses

1 June - 30 September

Visitors can enter the Coach houses to get a close look at the presentation of Dutch royal transport with carriages, cars and sleighs.
groot – Prinses Wilhelmina met pony baby, april 1887, Richard Kameke. Bruikleen GVON, foto Paleis Het Loo_uitsnede

Royals, pets and animals

1 June - 30 September

The exhibition ‘Royals, Pets and Animals’, illustrates the special bond between the royals and their animals.