your fairytale at Paleis Het Loo

Open until 30 September

The stables and palace gardens are open. You need a timeslot ticket due to covid-19 measures. Tickets are available in our ticketshop (Dutch only). The palace and rooftop are closed until 2021 due to renovation.

21 July - 20 August

Princes and Princesses Days

The Princes and Princesses Days is an annual event on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the summer holidays. The program is adapted to the corona measures. Games, theater, taking pictures, crafts, dancing and singing… it's all possible during the Princes and Princesses Days!

The exact dates of the Princes and Princesses Days are: July  21, 22, 23, 28, 29 en 30 and August 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 in 2020.

Tickets available in the ticket shop.

Your fairytale at Paleis Het Loo

Create your own fairytale in the royal gardens and stables of Paleis Het Loo with a wide variety of activities for boys and girls.


Koninklijk lopen_FotoMX-1907


You don't just walk here. How ROYAL can you walk along the avenue to the palace garden?
Paleis Het Loo Prinsen & Prinsessendagen 2018 (46)

Dancing on the ball

Everyone is invited to a masked ball. So wave your fan, put on your mask and dance along!

Have a picnic

Bring your own rug. Choose a spot in the garden for a Royal Picnic. You can bring your own food or reserve a picnic basket at our restaurant.
Prinsessendagen 2015, Foto Menno Mulder 4


Pick up your goodiebag upon arrival with fun craft supplies, pencils and a puzzle map!
Fotoplekken_Prinsen & Prinsessendagen Paleis Het Loo (17)


Make your royal in a beautiful place! Find the lists and use #sprookjeopHetLoo
Paleis Het Loo Prinsen & Prinsessendagen 2019

Hobbyhorse race

The horses may not be there this year, but show us how your horses would win the race!
Theatershow tijdens de Prinsen- & Prinsessendagen op Paleis Het Loo: Princ6 kan niet slapen!

Theater show

Princess on a state visit! - in Dutch
The princess would like to go on a state visit, but that's impossible because you cannot travel now. What a pity! Watch and sing along with this fun theater show.
Toverlakei Goochelshow

Magic show

Magician Charly - in Dutch
The Magic Charley - in Dutch There is a large chest that is locked, but the lock is mysterious and the golden key is lost. Can you help, please?

Play Palace

Imagine yourself in a real palace in this miniature version of Paleis Het Loo. For endless climbing fun and tough adventures on the horse.

Entrance fees

Adults (from 13 years)€8,50
Adults e-ticket€7,50
4 to 12 years€5,00
Kids up to 3 yearsfree
Family price
(2 adults + max. 4 children)
Carriage ride (not available online)€ 1,00


Children between the age of 4 and 12 years old pay a different fee for the Princes and Princesses Days. It is also possible to take a ride in a carriage (€ 1.00 per person). Regular entrance fees apply for adults.

See & do

Delfts_blauw_in de tuinen van Paleis Het Loo kleine foto

Dutch Delftware

1 June - 30 September

Using 17th centrury techniques Dutch Delftware garden vases have been reproduced as they were made for the first residents of Paleis Het Loo, King-Stadtholder Willem III and Queen Mary.
header – Stallen en Koetshuizen _ Paleis Het Loo

Stables & Coach houses

1 June - 30 September

Visitors can enter the Coach houses to get a close look at the presentation of Dutch royal transport with carriages, cars and sleighs.
groot – Prinses Wilhelmina met pony baby, april 1887, Richard Kameke. Bruikleen GVON, foto Paleis Het Loo_uitsnede

Royals, pets and animals

1 June - 30 September

The exhibition ‘Royals, Pets and Animals’, illustrates the special bond between the royals and their animals.