royal occupations

Spirit of Winter Spirit of Winter

Temporarily open

The Stables Square is open during Spirit of Winter and Winterpaleis Het Loo from 15 December until 6 January. The palace is closed until 2021 due to renovation. The gardens are open from April until September.

14 November - 18 November

Children's Studio

The Children's Studio is the place to be for the young visitors of Paleis Het Loo. The theme of this studio is 'Royal occupation'. Apart from doing arts and crafts, kids will experience what it was like to be a coachman, gardener or architect. The Children's Studio is located in the stables.

Royal occupations

When the The House of Orange-Nassau lived at Paleis Het Loo they had a lot of staff working for them, for example: lackeys, kitchen-maids, cooks, couriers, a winecellar keeper, a silver keeper and even a clocks custodian to wind up all the clocks. The stables also needed a lot of work. The equerry, coachmen, groomsmen, rig master and farrier kept them running. When the cars came chauffeurs were added to the stable staff.

Family exhibition

This family exhibition tells the story of four occupations: garden woman Roos, coachman Dirk, chauffeur Frits and architect Puck. This is not only fun for kids, but also interesting to adults!