day out during school camp

Temporarily closed

The gardens and stables are open from 1 June until 26 September. The palace is closed due to renovation.

School camp

Paleis Het Loo has developed a special museum lesson for pupils on camp at the Veluwe. In ‘A visit to the king’, the pupils are set to work in small groups under the supervision of museum teachers.


What did the queen like to do most in her spare time? And why are the stables much larger than the garage for the cars? How high does the fountain spout? Why are the flowers so far apart? Did the king play soccer in his garden?

cycle route

Are you at camp at the Paasheuvel Group in Vierhouten? Then click here for a cycle route (in Dutch!) to and from Paleis Het Loo with a royal flavour!

More information

Only possible from April to September in the gardens and stables.

Whatspecial museum lesson ‘A visit to the King’
Whoall pupils at camp on the Veluwe
Duration90 minutes
Cost     € 50 for a group of 30 pupils, including admission, parking and supervision by a museum teacher
Info or 055 - 577 24 00