schoolS at Paleis Het Loo

Practical information

Paleis Het Loo is an inspiring location for the most diverse educational lessons and levels. We have an appropriate programme of lessons for every age and level. Paleis Het Loo pays considerable attention to education and wants to ensure that every group has the proper attention and space during its visit. To ensure that the visit runs smoothly, we have listed a number of practical matters.


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Do you have any questions?

All lessons and tours in the palace or the gardens are supervised by one of our museum teachers. For additional information or tailor-made advise, you can reach us via or +(31) 55-577 24 00.

We will be delighted to help you choose the most suitable programme for your pupils.

Duration and fees

The costs (for a class with a maximum of 30 pupils) including admission for the pupils and the accompanying staff, parking, all lesson material and the supervision by the museum teacher are:

  • Programme 60 minutes     € 35.00
  • Programme 90 minutes     € 50.00
  • Programme 120 minutes    € 65.00


We are confident that your visit to the palace will prove a valuable experience for your pupils and/or students. Would you contact us if you have any tips, remarks or questions? You can reach us via e-mail, telephone or via twitter on @paleishetloo.