the new palace

Paleis Het Loo is closed

Due to the Renewal & Renovation.

The interior layout of the forty royal rooms will be improved and have a more logical arrangement. Just like the royal inhabitants once did, visitors will enter the palace on the Grand Staircase and follow the Stadtholder’s route through the east section and the King’s route through the west section. Some of the rooms will be furnished as servants’ quarters to convey that real ‘upstairs-downstairs’ feel. The Information Centre in the underground space explains the story of the palace building and occupancy, as well as the gardens, over the centuries.

House of Orange

The present king does not call himself William IV. But, of course, he is preceded by Williams I, II and III. Who were they? Why is a Dutch king invested and not crowned? These questions will be addressed in the House of Orange in the East Wing. In an accessible, tangible and interactive way, the past and present is intriguingly entwined. This space sheds light on the history of the stadtholders and kings and queens of the House of Orange-Nassau by way of spectacular items and theatrical stories.

Verbinding Grand Foyer naar Oostvleugel
Oranjemuseum interior

Junior Palace

In the West Wing a museum will be developed especially for children: the Junior Palace. This museum offers activities for children aged 2 to 12: playing for younger children and hands-on activities for older children.