Paleis Het Loo as organisation

Paleis Het Loo is closed

Due to the Renewal & Renovation.

About Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo, also known under the name Paleis Het Loo National Museum Foundation, opened its doors to the public in 1984. Since then, the national museum has painted a picture of the historical links between the House of Oranje-Nassau and the Netherlands. As museum, it is important to be and remain attractive for visitors. For this reason, the board of Paleis Het Loo has drawn up a policy plan.

Read more about the Renovation and the participation of Paleis Het Loo to CollectieCentrum Nederland.


Paleis Het Loo is a public-driven interaction between palace, gardens and museum, where the history of the House of Oranje-Nassau and its domestic lifestyle is displayed in a passionate and appealing way.


Paleis Het Loo wishes to be a prestigious, international museum that connects the past and the present through a wide variety of activities. We wish to reach as large and broad an audience as possible.

Strategic objectives

  • Paleis Het Loo is an attractive day out with a wide programme where as many visitors as possible feel welcome, enjoy an enriching experience and want to come back again. Paleis Het Loo shows links between the present, past and future.
  • Paleis Het Loo aims for a collection with the highest possible quality which is managed in a professional way.
  • Paleis Het Loo presents the palace, the stables, the gardens and the museum collection in a highly attractive and accessible way. Paleis Het Loo mounts compelling exhibitions to a high standard.
  • Paleis Het Loo organises a broad range of events and activities that appropriate for the museum, palace, stables and the gardens.
  • Paleis Het Loo is positioned as a strong brand in order to generate more visitors and income.
  • Paleis Het Loo is an attractive employer who motivates and inspires its staff and deploys their talents and qualities to the best possible effect.
  • Paleis Het Loo is a financially healthy organisation that operates in a business-like way.


Paleis Het Loo® is a registered brand name within the Benelux, both as word brand and as device trademark (the name Paleis Het Loo and the logo).