stables & Coach houses

Paleis Het Loo is closed

Due to the Renewal & Renovation.

Stables and Coach houses

When you pass the box-office in the entrance building, you enter Stables Square. The low buildings to the left and right are the stables. They were built between 1907 and 1909 at the orders of Queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962). Under the roof is the Harnessing Area where the coaches and carriages can be seen. If you would like to start your visit with a delicious cup of coffee or tea, why not pop into restaurant Prins Hendrik Garage.

Royal presentation

Visitors can enter the coach-houses to get a close look at the presentation of Dutch royal transport with carriages, cars and sleighs.

Highlight of the collection is the Cadillac Convertible Sedan. The car was bought in 1949 and used by Princess Wilhelmina. For years it was thought that the car had disappeared, but it recently turned up again in the US. Paleis Het Loo was able to acquire it and the car, which has travelled more miles by sea than it has by road, returned this year to Het Loo!

Royal horses

The stable complex offers room for a total of 88 horses. In the left stable, two horses with many of years of service to the Royal Family behind them, now enjoy their retirement. A section of the stables is still used by the Royal Stables in The Hague.

White hearse

In the middle of the building, you see two large coach-houses; the royal carriages, cars and sleighs are exhibited here. You can also see several liveries (uniforms of the coachmen). In the coach-houses, next to the special gala berline and a gala coupé, you will also find sports, hunt and service carriages from the 19th and 20th centuries. A unique carriage is the white hearse, which was used at the funerals of Prince Hendrik and Queen Wilhelmina.