gardens of Het Loo

Closed until 14 November 2018 Closed until 14 November 2018

Temporarily closed

Paleis Het Loo is closed until November 13th. The Stables Square is open during Spirit of Winter and Winterpaleis Het Loo. The palace is closed until 2021 due to renovation.

temporarily closed

The gardens (and restaurant Balzaal) are closed during the winter events. They open from 2 april 2019 with extraordinary spring flowers!


The gardens of Paleis Het Loo are fully restored and now even more look like the Baroque Dutch garden in the time of the first residents, King-Stadtholder Willem III and his wife Mary Stuart II. You can get the finest views of the gardens from the enclosed mounds.

Paleis Het Loo has been awarded the official status of ‘botanic garden’ – a reward for decades of dedicated Horticultural professionalism.


From April until October, you can enjoy the fountains. Compared to the gardens in Versailles, those at Paleis Het Loo are more modest in scale. The fountains, however, always spout fresh water thanks to the high level of the ground water, surpass the French ones! The Koningssprong [King’s Leap] was, with its 13 metres, the highest spouting fountain in Europe.

The garden sculptures, gods and goddesses from Greek mythology, all reflect on the theme of growth and flowering of the gardens and emphasise the achievement of turning what was originally a dusty stretch of heathland into a magnificent garden. In the centre stands Venus, the goddess of love. Using Google StreetView, you can view the gardens of Paleis Het Loo virtually on your computer or tablet.



Dankzij het project ‘Blauw & Bont’ zijn in 2016 45 replica’s van Delfts blauwe tuinvazen teruggeplaatst in de tuinen van Paleis Het Loo. Een belangrijke bekroning op de meerjarige renovatie. Elk tuinseizoen zijn de vazen te zien in de paleistuinen.

Canadian Maple

On the croquet green, the lawn adjacent to the terrace, stands this Canadian maple. If you have enjoyed a moment of relaxation near restaurant Balzaal , you will certainly have seen this beautiful tree. It is not just any tree; it is a tree with an exceptional history.
Read how this dying tree will be given a wonderful future.