Museum Shop in the entrance building

Temporarily closed

The gardens and stables are open from 1 June until 26 September. The palace is closed due to renovation.

Museum Shop

From postcard to china and from silver to beautiful jewellery. You can find it all in the palace shop at Het Loo.

The Museum Shop is accessible without paying an entrance fee. The opening hours of the Museum Shop are the same as the museum Paleis Het Loo.

Museumshop Paleis Het Loo in Entreegebouw

Opening hours

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* Closed until June 1st
Boek tuinen van het loo

Book ‘Tuinen van Paleis Het Loo, Traditie en vakmanschap’

'Gardens of Paleis Het Loo, Tradition and Craftsmanship'

The book gives a colorful overview of the palace gardens over the centuries and an impression of the work needed to maintain the gardens. It is written in Dutch with an English summary and bilingual photo captions. With photography by Hans Clauzing. The book is available in our Museum Shop and in the bookstore for € 22.50.