Paleis Het Loo is closed

Due to the Renewal & Renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions. Do you have another question about the renewal and renovation of museum Paleis Het Loo? Please contact us via info@paleishetloo.nl.

Expansion and Renovation

  • Why is Paleis Het Loo being renovated?
    More than 30 years after the opening of Paleis Het Loo as a museum a huge maintenance is necessary. The palace is undergoing a thorough asbestos removal. Like all other Dutch government buildings, museum Paleis Het Loo must be free of asbestos. Also technical and climate installations will be replaced. At the same time an underground expansion of museum Paleis Het Loo will be realised.
  • Why is Paleis Het Loo extended?
    The museum has a growing number of visitors and needs to comply with the wishes and requirements of the time.
  • What does the expansion entail?
    The expansion is underground. There will be a large entrance area with visitors facilities, a new Museumshop and space for exhibitions.
  • When will the palace re-open?
    The main building and the side wings of the palace are closed to public from 8 January 2018 until 2022.

Open, just not at usual

  • What will remain open?
    The stables and gardens are 'Open, just not as usual'. Please see our openinghours.
  • What is the entrance fee in this period?
    There is a reduced entrance rate.
  • What is there to see whilst the main building and wings are closed to the public?
    During 'Open, just not as usual' you can visit the stables, gardens and museum restaurants. We will also organize several events in this period.
  • Is the palace roof accessible?
    Until 2020 the roof was accessible by means of a construction elevator and stairs on the outside of the palace, but the Palace roof will be closed from 2021.
  • What events take place in the Extremely Open period?
    Please take a look at the total programme.
  • Will the restaurant remain open?
    The restaurant is open from april to september.

The construction

  • Can I follow the construction?
    The website has a construction timeline with photos and videos where you can follow the progress of the construction. We will also inform our visitors through Social media and the new website.
  • Will the palace look different after the expansion?
    The view of the palace and the wings remain virtually the same. The whole expansion takes place underground.
  • Is it likely that there will be archaeological findings during the construction?
    There have been several drillings for archaeological research. According to these results we do not expect there to be archaeological findings. If any are found, they will be excavated carefully.


  • What are the costs of the Renewal & Renovation?
    The costs for the entire project are estimated at around €123.2 million, including the asbestos removal and replacement of installations.

Other questions

  • What happens to the Museum collection during the Renewal & Renovation?
    The collection is carefully recorded, transported and temporarily stored in an external storage.
  • What happens to the staff?
    The permanent staff remain employed. There is a lot of preparatory work and also during 'Open, just not as usual' there is plenty of work. The volunteers will also remain active during this period with their work in the gardens, tours, shuttle and museum shop.