Paleis Het Loo is closed

The palace is closed due to renovation. The gardens and stables are open from 3 April until 26 September.

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About Paleis Het Loo
The Garden of Earthly Worries

the garden of earthly worries

Sculptures in the palace garden!

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Background timeline

renovation timeline

  • The palace in 2021

    On 7 March 2017 the final design was presented. A number of residential rooms in the palace will also be arranged differently. From 2021, visitors will enter the palace by the Grand Staircase, just as the former royal residents did. Several rooms in the servants quarters will be furnished and opened for the first time.  

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  • Hekken Paleis Het Loo sluiten voor grootscheepse verbouwing

    The door is locked

    Director Michel van Maarseveen closes the gates to the palace. Let the Renewal & Renovation begin!   Photo: ANP – L. van Lieshout

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  • Uithuizing_collectie Paleis Het Loo_IMG_4941 – kopie

    Removal of objects

    The removal of the 170,000 objects of the palace has begun! The objects will be stored in a temporary depot. By Easter, the palace will be empty!

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  • Bassecour Paleis Het Loo verbouwing

    Clearing the Bassecour

    The clearing of the Bassecour has started with the removal of the grass. Also the boulders have been removed, with a total of 25 cubic metres. And a start has been made with disassembling the Dolphins fountain.

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  • Timelapse Bassecour

  • Archaeological finds on the Bassecour_Paleis Het Loo

    Archaeological finds on the Bassecour

    A Roman coin, the foundations of a 17th century fountain and pottery of four thousand years old. The ground beneath the Bassecour is full of archaeological finds. In the following weeks, archaeologists will trying to dig and capture traces of earlier habitation.

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  • Removal of the last object_Paleis Het Loo

    Removal of the last object

    Three months after Director Michel van Maarseveen symbolically locked the front door, Paleis Het Loo is empty. On 15 March the last object, a 19th century rug from King Willem II, was carefully packed. Having completed the removal  of more than 160,000 objects a new phase begins; the renovation! Want another glimpse of what it…

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  • Timelapse – removal of the gate

    The second timelapse of the renewal and renovation of Paleis Het Loo. Recorded in February and March 2018.

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  • The empty palace

  • Timelapse – preparation digging

    The fourth timelapse of the Renewal & Renovation of Paleis Het Loo is recorded in April and May of 2018. It shows the underground concrete walls being completed. To be able to start digging the walls are first anchored.

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  • The beginning

    Project manager Jorden Hagenbeek fills you in on everything that has been done and what is to come in the future regarding the renovation and expansion.

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  • Ondergrondse uitbreiding

    Contours of the underground expansion

    The underground walls are ready and the countours of the new expansion are visible. The last few anchors are being placed and then we can start digging!

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  • Timelapse – Preparations

    This timelapse contains footage of the preparations being made in September 2018.

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  • Layer of sand removal

    The dry, upper layer of sand is being removed. After this, the real digging can begin!

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  • Temporary foundation

    An exciting part of the Renovation and Expansion: the temporary foundation of the palace!

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  • Asbestos removal

  • One year in renovation

  • Underwater concrete

    The concrete floor of the underground expansion has been poured under water! Project manager Jorden explains the process in this video.

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  • Timelapse – Underwater concrete

    The underwater concrete was poured last month. Watch the timelapse.

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  • We have reached the ‘lowest point’

  • Discoveries in the Audience Hall

  • Discovery in cabinet William 4

    Head curator Johan de Haan explains how the interior of the palace can be seen as a kit. And who is that ‘A.B.’ on the back of the chimney paneling?

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  • Two years in one minute!

    The renewal and renovation started in 2018. A lot of work has been done in the past two years!

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  • Timelapse April – January

  • 200221 staatsietrap, audientiezaal en bouwput (14)_LR

    The palace is free of asbestos

    A year before Dutch National Heritage buildings should be free of asbestos, Paleis Het Loo can proudly say the largest asbestos removal of the Netherlands has successfully been completed. For the removal of a total area of more than 4,500 m2 of asbestos, the historical interiors have been partly, some totally, disassembled by experts and…

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  • Dak van de ondergrondse uitbreiding

    The roof is almost finished

    The roof of the underground expansion under the Bassecour is almost done!

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  • 17th century glass found

    Another special discovery has been made in the palace. Chief curator Johan de Haan shows the shards of 17th-century glassware.

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  • Tour of the construction site

    In this video you will be guided by the project leaders, contractors, specialists and craftsmen who work on the palace renovation day after day.

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  • Timelapse August

  • Removal of elevator and stairs

    As the Bassecour is almost restored and the elevator shaft has been installed in the palace, it was time to remove the elevator and stairs. Previously, visitors could still access the palace roof via the temporary construction lift and stairs. In the coming season; the palace roof is no longer accessible.

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  • Removal crane

    The crane has been disassembled and removed. The remaining hole in the renewed Bassecour has been closed with a concrete slab.

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  • Wandpanelen

    Wall panelling installed

    Since all the required wiring and piping (for the safety and preservation of the palace and the Paleis Het Loo collection) has been installed, specialist construction companies are reinstalling the original wooden wall panels and floorboards.  

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